Vision * insight * fashion
We help to pass through the glass ceiling. Carefully, beautifully, irrevocably.
We guarantee that your life will change. We'll help you figure out what you really want, which prevents you from moving. We will help remove this stone. And go ahead, to your dream.

We achieve this in an unusual way. You do not need to tell us your secrets. We appeal directly to your soul, using the language of art, which tells all without words.
We create things that help you understand
your desires and remember them.
collection "Shadows"
Hirokama for me is the same case when you do something strange, not understanding why. You spend money and time on this. You try to stop, but you can not. And one day you realize that your project has grown and changed your life, and you are still trying to pretend that this is just a hobby.

What is Hirokama? The direction of art or science? Philosophy? Spiritual teaching? We still do not understand until the end. One thing we know for sure, this is a unique project, which does not exist in the world today.

People who love this project
Julia Degen
Devises and implements, writes financial plans, negotiates, draws and writes for clients, collects and supports the team.
Ivan Chernov
assistant manager
Papersmith: from the code to the documents. Archive, logistics and so on.
Eugenia Krylova
marketing & sales
Conducts all projects with clients, converts leads into transactions, writes texts for social networks, makes plans for promotion and implements them.
Olga Kachanovskaya
Trembling draws, cuts, glues, collects our product. He sees good in the world around him. Cares about all.
Anna Kamyshkova
He smiles at the world, makes patterns and sews, manages the plotter and the press, makes beautiful photographs of our things.
Elena Andrienko
diligently deciphers the work records, creates beautiful reports, reads out the texts.
Personal collection of business cards? A personal story that will help to understand who is who? A brand that will be holistic and beautiful? A dress that will be sewn about you? We can do all this - and more.

Start your own path with Hirokama, you will like it.
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