Business Cards
They are made by collections, as works of art. Taking such a thing in your hands, you feel what kind of person is in front of you, without even reading the inscriptions that are written on it. It's a special pleasure to see your name on them ...

Finished Collections
Personal development
Why it looks like business cards?
We're already created more than 100 personal collections.
Piece of art
You can use a variety of materials and techniques to express the desired image.
They induce to action, because they must be given away - this is the business card's purpose.
Small format
They are convenient to carry with them, placed in a purse or cardholder.
Create emotions
Hirokama cards is not confused with the usual business card. They are special and make a strong impression.
A business card is a very personal thing: it traditionally bears the name of the owner. Hirokama cards is perceived as a part of itself.
Management of attention
Such business cards direct your attention to the problem - and the one who will help to solve it.
We use a wide variety of materials and techniques. We paint by hand, embossed with foil, sew by hand... We make them from the best paper that we get all over the world, from silk, velvet, plastic, and even felt. All this is necessary, so that they are exactly what they should be - impeccable incarnations of images.
During the existence of the project, more than 100 personal collections have been created. This is a gift to yourself or a loved one, an extraordinary feeling of discovery and miracle. And - it's beautiful.
collection "Shadows"
You can order the development of a personal collection or choose one from our catalog
and just leave an email and we will help you make a selection of the collection for you or as a gift.
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