Stylish accessory and tool for moving to the goal.
helps to stay on track to the goal
In the ordinary world, fears prevent us from moving towards our goals. And it's difficult to go to them. But there is another world where these fears do not exist, and we can achieve the goal in a parallel way, our own for everyone.

And there's Torquent, Compass for this way. To not get off and necessarily reach the goal. The road is not always easy, but it's the way of the Hero. And the one who completes it, gets silver skates, the world into the bargain - and becomes the master to himself...
Tool for attention managing.
Helps to stay on track to the goal, see and use the opportunities to achieve it.
With the help of Torquent, we give work to our subconscious. A huge resource, which in most cases, we do not use. And while we carry it with us, we make small steps towards the goal, we twist in our hands - somewhere there, deep down we are not realizing this, we are looking for an answer, a way and an opportunity to move along the way.

And then suddenly we see them - in random advertising, in the line of the book, in the heard conversation .. This our subconscious mind snatches them for us in the spotlight of our attention. We see opportunities. And we use them.

This method is based on the method of small steps - part of the Japanese Kaizen system.
Tool for working on yourself
6 cm in diameter, comfortably fits in the hand
How to work with Torquent
Carry with you
Constant contact with Torquent first helps to realize the real goal or desire, and then keeps it in the field of your attention.
Write the target in the center
Once you realize the goal, write it in the center in a circle or spiral. This creates a link between the target and the Torquent, and it becomes an anchor that recalls it.
Look for tips
When we hold our attention to the problem, we subconsciously constantly try to solve it. You will notice "Signs" in the surrounding world, which will guide you to the path to the goal and will support it.
Make steps
Any action towards your goal is considered a step towards it. On the back you will find tips for action.
It develops the habit of constantly moving towards the goal.
Notice achievements
Put a mark in the circle near the date on the day you took a step. Thus, you will see real progress
on the way to your goal.
Mark the success
Write down the date you reached the goal, on the cover of the Torquent from the turnover. Now it will become a part of the story that you will tell your children and grandchildren.

In working out new Torquents. You can make an order now and get them then at a special price.
And we will invest these funds in materials and technologies for new developments.
With the "wheel" my desire seemed to have taken shape - that is this thing is my desire, it is not ephemeral, here are the days when I did something for him. That is, his material, visual, tactile components appeared. And also there was a special attitude to Torquent itself - tender, careful, caring. Sometimes I just pick it up and twist it, sort it out like a rosary. An analogy with architects comes to mind: before building a house, it is necessary to create its future model. So I am now. Changing feelings - interest, curiosity, excitement.
Evgeniya Krylova
Project manager; on Torquent - personal wish.
Well, I do not know when I pick it up, I feel like it's the door to Snow White and the seven dwarfs. The wheel gives confidence that the desire will just come true. I'm not completely sure of my abilities, but luck is guaranteed with the Wheel) I sometimes want to do five tasks a day, I have a lot of thoughts, and sometimes I can not think of anything at all. Now things are moving to completion, just about to be all done.
Anna Kamyshkova
The artist, on Torquent - the cherished desire
On the image: #actuallyyouaremage

In the morning I formulated and finally wrote down the wish. I tried to take into account and fix all the details and nuances, as well as the terms of execution, so that the desire does not halt in uncertainty.
In the evening after work I go to the kitchen and I see that the Universe seems to be playful towards me, 🙂 otherwise how can I explain such an eloquent message on the floor in my kitchen? Well, really, I could not, after reading this, just think something like "ah, again the children sloppy the box" Nesquik "opened and lost a surprise" 🙂 Nooooo, this was personally intended for me! "Do not forget, Olya, you ought to make fairy actions by yourself!"
Olga Kachanovskaya
The artist, on Torquent - personal wish
Yesterday, when I was discussing a completely different problem, I suddenly realized that she was completely self-fulfilling my desire. And moreover, I imagine how to do it and how much it costs, the benefit has already taken a few small steps ...
.. ninth day?
Julia Degen
CEO, on Torquent - a wish related to real estate
The whole path of your life ultimately consists of the step that you are doing right now.
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