with Natalia Davydova
Work throughout the year with the Hirokama project. Business cards are keys, a personal brand.
Interviewed by Elena Bashkova
Beautiful scenery, cozy gazebo, screaming cock-overs - interview with Natalya Davydova I took on Skype. The interlocutor did not immediately find time in a busy schedule, although she really wanted to talk about the experience of communicating with Julia Degen.

And now we phoned. I confess, I was worried, because about the vis-a-vis me nothing was known. Lean face-to-face information the person does not disclose. Especially, such as Natalia. And the fact that I was fortunate enough to meet with a human, it became clear immediately. Incredibly charismatic, self-confident and at the same time without a shadow of snobbery, arrogance and self-admiration, the interlocutor arranged me from the first minutes of communication.

Natalia Davydova
From the screen there was such a wave of energy that I was nearly blown away by the reflection in the ocean - the experience of my interlocutor with my own experience was painfully echoed. However, it seems to me, this is familiar to many thinking women and men of the age of "forty+".
- Natalia, let's start again. Tell us about yourself and your acquaintance with Julia.
- By education and, as I always thought, vocation, I am a teacher. Specialization is history and social studies. In the profession I achieved a lot. She worked as a deputy director in a big school, she genuinely loved the work, lived with her, breathed. I saw the return in the children, in their burning eyes and successes. I did not think about rewards, they themselves found their hero. But you still left? It would seem, why? All is - success, recognition, career growth, but at some point it became impossible to stay. An internal crisis, which is difficult to talk about and formulate in words even now, after a while. I left the work quietly and quietly. However, this was a truly hard-won decision.

Money did not become a problem - a good teacher and tutoring always works, but what about identity? Imagine, I worked all my life in a huge team. A thousand children, a hundred teachers, huge halls, microphones, performances. And here's the tutor ... That period in general turned out to be incredibly difficult for me. Age crisis, loss of work and several serious bereavements at once - a cemetery, a series of wake-ups and emptiness ... Understanding that the greatest and best part of life is behind us. It remains to wait for grandchildren and pensions.

- Did not want to, right?
- I really did not want to. But I did not understand where to go either. I lost my foothold. The Archimedean is the lever with which you can turn the world around. Then something happened in my life, Julia.
- Fate?
- Probably. I'm sure that life (God?) Necessarily sends us the right teachers at the right time. Another thing is that we do not always dare to use their help. I made up my mind. Moreover - I longed for this experience. I was lucky enough to get acquainted with Julia personally, and by that time I already knew who she was and what. I read about it online and was sure - I need it. Despite the material aspect. I did not doubt - there will be money, and it's worth it.
- As I understand it, did your hopes come true?"
- Yes, in full and more than. Although the understanding of what is happening, some Yulia's phrases and definitions did not come at once. It was shrouded (covered?) Later. And this is the main, I think, secret of its success. That work on yourself does not stop for a minute. Not only is it almost always connected, so also the images created by it, which, before their eyes, give birth to associations, trigger brain gears in the right direction.
The picture-key and the personal collection of business cards-keys created after its solution
- You know, Natalia, you are not the first one with whom I talk about Yulia. And I already had my own opinion on her account. If you do not mind, I'll share it, and you'll tell me how much I got into the "bull's eye".
- Yes please.
"I believe in God, in the Essence, in the Universe, and in the Almighty Reason." But I believe that the main resources are hidden in ourselves. It's just that someone succeeds in extracting them and drawing them for good, but someone lives like that, not "waking up." Well, everyone uses their methods for awakening. Someone and a stone from the road can help, if you believe in its sacred power. Someone manages himself, others need guides. Julia, in my opinion, and there is such a conductor. All the same, you do the most basic work yourself. Is not it so?
Solution of the key - a carp climbing up the waterfall, will become a dragon
- Of course! I do not want to give Julia any supernormal abilities. I am sure that it gives only those who are ready to take. The same, whose heart is deaf and the mind is closed, the truth will not open. But, as a conductor, she is certainly very talented.
- Did you realize that at once?"
- Understood or felt ... I do not know. I only know that I was open from the very first meeting with her. It is a fact. I knew right away that I wanted to go this way.
- And how was it?
- Interesting, exciting, unusual. There were several such, I would say, mystical, that is, moments. When Julia spoke what I had already heard from other people. Heard, but did not accept. Or when she "dug out" the facts from my biography, which she could not possibly know. This was even more inspiring, inspiring confidence.
- Natalia, I'm sorry, I'm listening to you and I do not quite understand yet. You are very interesting to tell, inspiring even, but what exactly did you get from Julia?
- Well, how. I already told you. Point of support. The same lever. Confidence that I can do everything, that after forty my life is just beginning and everything is ahead of me.
- And before this was not it?
- It was once, but in a different way. I'm different, life is different, everything is different. And my sense of myself in this world is also different. But cool. I really like this condition very much.
- And that Yulia managed to do this in this way through the images she creates?
"I do not know how she did it, but she did." Let it take time for this. We did not immediately solve the picture-goal. At first they decided that Julia drew waves. Then they unwound the ball until Julia understood - no waves. They are sheaves! It turns out that the picture-goal depicts a harvest. Field, people, happiness work in a team. And most importantly - the goal is not the result! The goal is the state! A state of joy from collective labor.
picture-goal and a sketch of the brand's brand pattern after its solution
- Did you manage to achieve it in the end? As far as I understand, a year has passed since the beginning of your work with Julia.
- What do you! I'm just at the very beginning of the journey! And it's so interesting and exciting. From the very beginning I gave myself time. Decided not to hurry, to become more sensitive to yourself. But there are still some changes. In the spring I did a three-month course on training teenagers for the USE. Name, you know what? "Take the USE for boarding!" This is a mix of gaming techniques, training practices, group work and friendly support.This is not just a tutoring job.I undertook a difficult mission to relieve the psychological stress of teenagers and their parents and give them the joy of knowing. The work required a lot of resources from me, especially since the training was conducted mostly at night, but it was very interesting and driving.
- So why do you think that the goal has not been achieved?
- Because I have more grandiose projects and plans. But now, when you have confidence in yourself, your strengths and confidence in life ... It's very cool! And I am very grateful to Yulia for this. Highly! I agreed to this interview for many reasons. But one of the main things is my desire to share my state with the world. I think that it was not the first and not the last one, who was at an impasse. But there is a way out. He's near. And, if someone will help my experience, if someone, thanks to my story, turn to Julia for help, I will be happy. And he, I'm sure, too.
The concept of the turnover of a personal business card

See what the finished collection looks like
- So you are sure that Julia is able to help everyone and everyone?
- To everyone and everyone who is ready for this. Who is open and wants to work with himself and on himself. Julia gives images, Julia leads and supports, but, of course, the most important thing is the person himself. But it's all the same everywhere. No one will give a magic pill.
- If only a pendle, right?
- Which is also quite a lot.
- Oh, how else. Thank you, Natalia, for the interview. We had a very interesting and inspiring conversation. For me at least. I hope that our readers will also like it.
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