The story of the woman
who wove the network
The heroine of this story
Tatiana Arkharova, Women and Tech Project Leader, co-founder of the Women's Leadership Forum CIO, HRD.
chapter 1
January 2015

Tatiana learned about the Hirokama project from friends, and then became one of the participants in crowdfinding, which the team launched. As a prize, she chose business cards-keys.

The keys of Hirokama are an image of how to solve a problem situation, to achieve the desired. It can be an action or even a state that is found by insight. When the image is found, we make things about it. Often these are special business cards.
An example of a business card-key that tells about a brave pioneer
«Then I did not have an understanding of this story. Well, Julia and I do business cards. Well, the keys. For what the keys - it is not clear...»

Tatiana Arharova
Before the work begins, Julia explains to Tatyana how everything will happen.

"First, I draw the first picture, it will be a picture-situation." "Determining the zone in which help is needed." This is a peculiar riddle, it must be solved ... "

So, Tatyana receives by e-mail the first picture ...

Tatiana readily accepted the terms of the game. In words everything is clear: picture-situation, questions. But is Tatyana ready for such an abstract image? Can he solve it?
At first it was very strange. In the beginning it was not clear. Absolutely do not expect that any such card will come... red, blue, stripes and dots. That is, a person lives, saw a lot of different things... in corporate form. At least, you expect a layout of some kind. You understand that you will be sent some key, but you do not expect that this is such a picture. And then you think, "Okay, fine... Well, then what?"

Tatiana Arharova
The picture sets the direction of work. With the help of vague images, the task that is being discussed will become more and more clear.

Tatyana: I'm asking questions - is it soft? And what sound? Is there any? What's around?

Julia: This space, I can not describe it as soft. Yes, by the way, there is sound. it seems like a viscous sound of a cello.

Tatiana: If I touch, then touch it like a living one?

Julia: I can not imagine touching. It's like touching the landscape.
30, 50, 100 questions ...

Some time later Tatyana understands that there is no anger and cruelty in the picture - there is beauty. Julia agrees with her: according to her feelings, the picture shows happiness, not aggression. There is energy in it, expectation of a miracle, a burning desire for something ...

The morning is wiser than the evening'). The next day, Tatyana opens the picture's connection with what is happening in her life. Now the solution seems obvious!

') - "The morning is wiser than the evening" i.e. at morning unsolved problems goes easier.
Women's leadership is a topic that I am currently developing, balancing and finding my talent, releasing the resource, building relationships with the environment and, as a result, the leadership - warm female resourcy. I could not make up my mind. Associate yourself or not. This is the decision to go to the women's leadership project. In general, this is the answer.

Tatiana Arharova
What's happening? In fact - psychodiagnostics. You can call this process "projective methodology", "art-arrangement" or "game in metaphors." Solving the picture, Yulia and Tatyana identified the problem with which it is necessary to work. Now you can draw a key. It helps to get out of the problem situation.
chapter 2
Julia and Tatiana discovered the area in which development should occur. For Tatiana, the problem and essence of the key were not initially obvious.
At this point, you do not understand what will happen from this.
Tatiana Arharova
Business cards-keys have a clear goal: to open for the owner a door to a better future, to help him to reach a new level.
Julia began to draw the key. The picture that she got was unexpected and strange. Both the first and second sketch were about the same thing - something like a golden lichen, a plant that forms intricate curls, filling a space
Julia: There's always the feeling that this thing is visible right through. Although it looks like some kind of plant, but it seems to be on its own. If there were branches in the wind, or ivy, which curled around the grate.
Julia: Another thing - it seeks to fill the space itself. It seems to me, give him free will, small curls would form even smaller ones, and yet, and yet, until the whole space would not completely belong to this something golden.
That is, when the curls already exist, it's kind of like motionless. And its development in the formation of increasingly small details. The principle of fractal. Perhaps, therefore, it seems alive, and a plant. Plants embody the principle of fractal.

Tatiana: I have such a strange feeling, a pattern around the word.Pattern of relationships, but it does not yet fit in with the subject in the real world.
To solve the problem again, we need simple, capacious questions. "Or" - "or", "yes" - "no".
Is it alive or not? Cold or warm? You can not hurry, you need an exact answer. And when he comes, it immediately becomes clear: he alone answers all these 30, 50, 70 questions, he is holistic and obvious.
Julia: I think I understand what your keys are about. It seems to me like building a network. And the picture was built on the principle of networks - from the center there were shoots, formed as if their centers, and from them they moved on. So it reminded me of a plant, and something alive. Then it is clear, where does the pattern of relations.
How does this image relate to what is happening in Tatyana's life?

At that time, Tatiana was planning a project on women's leadership. She had no clear clarity, tortured questions ... Should we do the project or not? To whom can it be useful and how? In what form is it better to implement it?
Tatiana: It turned out that this is a fractal, and a fractal is just that community. These are people who, in turn, create certain communities.

I thought it was a great idea to do Women and Tech. To do in an area where I can be such a fractal - that is, the center of this fractal.
Julia and Tatiana unraveled the picture. It seems that the main work is finished, it remains only to make it a material embodiment. However, the search for the image of future business cards is a separate adventure. The subject, which in the end will turn out, should accurately express the meaning of the key picture. The decision must be holistic, felt like the right thing ...
Как мы работаем
Определение проблемы, с которой предстоит работать.
Действие, которое позволит выйти из ситуации к лучшему.
Образ ближайшего успешного будущего в результате пути.
Создание предмета, который точно воплощает ключ или цель
Chapter 3
When you understand the essence, the form becomes only a single solution of equation
The key is an understandable, tangible way of solving a problem, a way out of the situation. This is an artifact; in fact, it can be anything.

So why in this case were the cards?
Business cards give room for experiments with materials and technologies;

Thanks to the size, they are convenient to carry.

A business card is a very personal thing: it traditionally bears the name of the owner.

In addition, it encourages to action, because it must be given away - this is the business card's purpose.

In this case the keys are not just business cards, they can be given only to those people and in those situations that are consonant with the key.

These business cards direct the attention of their owner to the problem - and "prompt" who will help to solve it.
So, the next stage - the search for the image of business cards, the choice of materials and, in fact, the manufacture.
And at the entrance is still the same strange sketch and clue:
This is a fractal, similar to lace. Fractal, which grows from the center and fills the space.

Julia sees an option with lace, perhaps similar to Vologda - tender, elastic, silky. She starts looking for a suitable lace in the shops, but the search disappoints her: the shop lace is either too coarse or too lingerie ...
The team is connected to the work of Julia - artists, craftsmen, other specialists. They offer their solutions, experiment with patterns, materials and technologies. Maybe you can embroider cards with ribbon, cord, tape?

Tatyana, good afternoon.
I apologize for such a long silence.
We decided to embroider your business cards with ribbon, it took some time to find suitable materials, to come up with a pattern, to reject it, to decide to make concentric wavy lines. Then went the tests, how can this all look like.
So far, it's not very, but it always happens at the beginning) We're in the process. Decided to show the intermediate results.

Tatyana: Wow, how! Julia, do everything as you like, I'll wait) These are the keys - they are supposed to wait)
This story seems to follow a new scenario. This is a joint work at all stages, down to technology.

March 14th.

Tatyana: I've been thinking, maybe lace is not external, but embossed? on paper?
30th of March.

Julia: Yesterday I finally got something like what I need) I mean paper lace. Look.

Tatiana: The first very very very like) I go all day smiling :) Julia, this is actually some kind of magical project, he gave me so many insights that I did not even expect.
26 April.

Julia: Good afternoon! I got in touch with your business cards and one important question for me. They then moved or stopped. That generally stiffened the process. Similarly, the question that worried me was not solved in any way. And the decision was found three days ago. And suddenly your business cards moved)

Tatyana: Julia, you probably will not be surprised if I say that during this time my project has moved, it has frozen, and even a couple of times I really wanted to quit it.
A few days ago I found the semantic part and everything turned out.
The keys gave an answer to the question: how to do my project - the community.

There can not be one center. The community leader can not be the leader of the community. There must be people who are leaders themselves. Many, many small - well, or large, not important - centers.

I do not need to support this community in a special way. It is either necessary - and develops, or not - and it dies.
Tatiana Arharova
Tatyana's personal collection, created in April 2015
But at this point adventure did not end ...
chapter 4
Tatyana: The first option was too fragile. You hold it in your hands - and you are afraid to mend, to spoil it. For me, this theme reflects the essence of the community: with it you want to be, just be part of - an inner feeling, and you can touch it, interact with it, and it does not break from it, the lace will not spoil from touching....
The joint work of Julia and Tatiana began in January, and work on the keys returned in the autumn. But already on a new level.

By that time, the main event in the framework of Tatyana's project - "Women and Tech" was ready.
November. Velvet business cards.

These strong, dense, business cards, whose image personified the key to the development of Tatyana's project, appeared on the event as a symbol, the final touch.
Визитки, которые Татьяна получила прямо перед открытием свого События.
Business cards were created from soft, like velvet, material. They were made three-layered. With the stamp embossed, a key pattern was created, thick and plump colored cotton paper was inserted in the middle, and inscriptions were inscribed on the face.
Repeation of the personal collection, in the business version.
Tatiana: They are nice to hold in their hands. Constantly I want to twist, twirl... It's like an artifact. It's so cool for me to own these business cards myself, that I do not even want to give them away!
Tatiana Arharova
Women and Tech Project Leader

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