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Story of the Sphinх
And again in front of me - only a secret hint -
Celebration of the undiscovered dream.

Alexander Blok
....Six months ago I was though a successful but not very happy crisis manager. Life seemed vapid and uninteresting. Intuitively I understood - I'm not going there, I'm not doing it, I'm not doing it. But to change something was lacking in determination. Yes, and understanding, where, why and why. And then in my life there was a project Hirokama. Casually and at first glance did not foretell anything. just an interesting experiment...
November 2016

Dmitry Koshelev - a person who is going through the stage of transformation. He has long been an anti-crisis manager, but now disappointed in this profession. There is something that he seems to like. But so far nothing has been achieved in this direction.

Dmitry is in search, he is looking for new ideas, tasks, people. And who is looking for, he will certainly find. So in his life appeared Julia Degen. This meeting proved crucial, even then Dmitry did not know about it.
Julia is the creator of the phylosophy of «Hirokama», a new and unique phenomenon in business and psychology. Seeing and understanding the problems of Dmitry, she invites him to work to understand what he really wants to get from life.

The work is not simple, but grateful.

Dmitry agrees. He does not yet know that in the end he will receive not only a goal, but a full-fledged brand. Including a logo, a slogan, business cards-keys and something else.
"It was a new, interesting experience"
November 10, 2016.

The work begins with a picture-situation. To find out where to go, you need to start the journey. Julia had to find out what kind of situation Dmitry is in, what he has at the moment. Not seeing the interlocutor without having studied the information about him, without even looking at the photograph, she calls in his mind his image and draws a picture-a riddle. And then, together with the client, is looking for a clue
Dmitry Koshelev received this image by e-mail. Just looked and immediately gave the answer:

"You painted the Sumeru mountain, the center of world justice. According to the legend, it should be in Western Siberia, only we do not have it. For 15 years she did not come across me. The top of it is not visible, because it pierces the sky. "
Julia: "Ask questions, answers to which I can not know or guess about them on issues, and at the same time, you will receive confirmation or refutation of your theory.

Even if you see now a familiar image, I still would advise you to clarify it, as there will always be nuances. And only then it will be possible to draw conclusions. "
One of the images of the hypothetical Sumeru mountain
There were many questions
And it raced ...

Wind or clouds? Day or night? Cold or warm? Is the image moving and where? If it's a mountain, are there people there?

So step by step, the question behind the question blurred image turned into a life canvas.

It turned out that Julia drew something simultaneously static and moving along an ascending spiral around the center with a fixed base. It is quite cold, although warmer than the surrounding, solid and dry. According to the sensations, the central image is made of stone (the first version with the mountain was the closest).
A tired horseman rides up the mountain. The further it moves, the steeper the path, the stronger the headwind. He would have liked to turn back, but he had been searching for this mountain for too long, and now he can not retreat.

And somewhere on top of the mountain there is a small temple.
At this stage Dmitry still does not trust Julia very much. He wants to get to the bottom, to understand what is happening:

D: Do you have these pictures? "

Ju: I was recently explained that I use the classical design technique, which is taught to artists. It is called "from the spot". I kind of think about a person and feel some color. "

D: How do you do it? Just by imagination or entering a special state?

Ju: I have a good connection with my inner self. Psychologists explain this by the fact that I have a strong awareness. And if I ask questions, when I do not think, I have emotional images, something like impressions. "
After Dmitry understood the "mechanics" of the process, he became even more active in the game, his questions became more lively and less formal. And in the end ..

Dmitry: "What prompted the rider to set off? Something is missing? Are there other mountains for this rider? Are they bigger? Less"

Julia: "In my opinion, he was looking for himself. Found a mountain, and a goal that is large enough. For him, other mountains are immaterial, even if they are. he does not see the point in climbing up on them ... Did you understand what the conflict is in the picture? "

Dmitry: "You described me well the last two years of my life today."
In general, I'm a materialist. This does not mean, however, my disbelief in subtle matter, but I trust them only if I saw it myself. With Julia it was. She did not know anything about me, she described exactly what was happening at the time.
When the problem is determined, you can go further - determine the target or pick up the keys. The key shows how to optimally exit the picture in the direction of conflict resolution. The goal leads to the next stop. It indicates where you can be if you move in the same direction.

Dmitry chosed the goal.
A difficult path to the goal
November 15, 2016

Dmitry received by mail this picture-goal:
"Dmitry, I do not like the picture-goal, which turned out. Such a pink color in pictures always means trouble. And the whole feeling is like a sudden sharp pain.
It is like a Bengal fire, it sparks directly and burns.

Around her ligature letters, I can not read the words. It is not aggressive, but destructive in nature, like the fuse of the Bickford cord. Very dangerous. Even to solve it is not necessary. I would recommend making the keys. "
What happened? Julia felt that Dmitri needed changes. If you do not change anything in life and go the same way, there can be trouble. So you need to urgently seek a new direction.

At that stage, Dmitry did not believe her. The fact that Julia was in something right, he learned in April 2017. When that activity, which he was engaged in, "fell off" by itself. It really turned out to be unpromising.

But this later. And then in November they start working on the keys.
Unlike the previous image, this one turned out to be lighter and not aggressive at all:
What does this "key" mean? Learn this was through the game in the "Yes-no-ku". And it began.

Figure or line? Is it standing, lying or hanging? Heavy or light? Smooth or rough? Big or small?

After twenty-five minutes of discussion it turned out that this is a figure that hangs very high in the air, without weight, but having a mass. Cold and smooth, it gives a feeling of uniqueness. Inside it is emptiness. Nothing superfluous - majestic, humble, full. There is a lot of joy hidden in it.
At some point Julia even decided that this is a portal with which one can talk. But where does he lead? Maybe on a mountain? Or from the mountain? Julia does not think so. It is sure - the top from the first picture here at all to do with it. But what then?

Dmitry wants to get inside, but there is no clarity yet how to do it. The next twenty minutes of discussion are devoted to finding the entrance. Various options were offered: name the password, climb from the bottom, dress in a special way, get rid of skepticism ...

And finally ... Bingo!
Ju.: She has joy inside. And, like, to pass, you need to have inside the joy

Well, yes, this is difficult. What is it to be happy, they say?

Who's talking?

Well, can you ask her?

You can. Now come and ask. And tell me what she says.

He says that we should rejoice at the talents that are laid. If it was she who answered.

she answered. Try now to do this and understand whether you can go through it

I think I'm going through

Ju.: And what's on the other side?

D.: Some very powerful energy flow. A lot of light, heat. Mountains, sun, beach. As if Italy is some kind of. People can not be seen.
Finally, Dmitri admits that he is really very tired. That his real life is far from harmonious and consists of one work. One project replaces another, and the vacation seems to be close, but so far! He lives, like most energetic people in the future - a little more, a little bit more, and ...

The meaning of the key is found. He is to learn to rejoice in the talents that have been laid. As soon as this happens, Dmitry will pass to the other side of his life.

The key is found, and whether Dmitry will take advantage of it is already his business. It would seem that it's time to think about business cards.
Why business cards?
коллекция визиток "Traversiata"
Paradoxically, but even working closely with Hirokama, customers often do not fully understand the meaning of it. Psychodiagnostics, art-arrangement - it's still far from it. Someone heard about this, someone read it, someone just curious. But what does the business card have to do with it?

Business cards that are made "about the key" or "about the goal" is a reminder. Sometimes it is enough to take one look at the paper rectangle to remember the purpose, what is really important and what action to take.

Dmitry does not argue with this, but at that moment decides that without them will cost. He believes that he will cope on his own - the key is in his hands. Therefore, he limited himself to putting his image as a splash screen on his phone.
Stages of the pah
Identification of the problem to be addressed.
An action that allows you to get out of the situation for the better.
The image of the nearest successful future as a result of the path.
Creating an object that accurately embodies the key or purpose
soon a fairy tale tells...
Life has made its corrections in the plans of the heroes. In the partnership between Dima and Yulia, there was a break. For a long four months. During this time, Dmitry's life has radically changed! By his own admission, thanks to the keys. They worked.
That time I quit my job, launched a new project and found a person who could recommend me to my clients. The question of business cards arose. Turned to one, the other. I found someone who agreed to make me a free turnkey edition with design, development, all matters for free. The meeting was scheduled for Sunday. And on Saturday he fell ill. Not grown together. But it grew together with Julia, who, as if sensing my request, contacted herself the day before, reminding us that we had not made a goal.
April 30, 2017

Recall that the first attempt was unsuccessful. So, then there was no time. And now, when Dmitry's life has changed, when he set foot on a new path for himself, Julia tries to draw a picture-goal again. And this time everything turned out!
Julia sent Dmitry here this picture:
The new image-target
Question-answer, question-answer. Like travelers, Dmitry and Julia made their way through the desert until it dawned on them! Desert! Oasis! Palm! Egypt! A mysterious temple on whose wall this image is carved.

Getting to the temple is not easy, and getting even harder, because the entrance is guarded by a formidable Sphinx asking questions. Only the one who answers correctly will be able to open the door. To do this, rotate the image of the palm, pressing on the stone.

And then through a long dark tunnel you can get into a beautiful garden.
Beautiful story, but what does it mean for Dmitry? On the surface - the need to go the way, find your temple and, answering questions, find yourself in a beautiful garden. But during the conversation it turned out that everything is different.

The Sphinx is Dmitry himself! He collects and accumulates information, he meets people and brings them together. It is he who devises for them trials, helps to get into a wonderful place in the middle of the desert.

It must be cold and impartial. His goal is to support and equip the temple, to collect and attract people into it, but not to carry them through the tunnel. Its task is to show them the way. But only.

The temple is the business of Dmitry. Semi-deserted, slightly covered with sands, badly in need of attention and care.
At the same time Dmitry was focused on travelers, he was looking for ways to ease their way, which was wrong. Julia, however, advises him to obstruct their path, to put on trial.

So, through a simple image of a palm leaf, a strategy of further behavior was found.

Looking ahead, we note that later she very much helped Dmitry in his work with clients. Let not immediately, but he realized the value of the experience:
Dmitry: "Hello. Today I understood the true meaning of your words that a person must first stand the test before getting my help.

I used to try to prove my usefulness to a person first, but only then to ask for something. This approach led me to a deal that lasted three and a half months with grief. And today I saw that people do not know until the end whether I need them or not. And your words have become for me a criterion for making a decision. I decided to get out of the deal.

For me, this is a whole revolution in thinking.

Already twice in the last month I was heavily dragged into events that turned out to be useless. Now I analyze the reasons, and I understand that we have talked a lot about why my presence is necessary for the organizers of events, and nothing about why it is necessary for me. "
The target image was modified to become a logo in the form of a palm leaf. The same - from the desert, where there is a temple covered with sandy winds.
The next step was the work on the design of business cards. So far, only their usual version. Tedious work, very demanding for details. During this time
Dmitry made a decision about what will be written on the back (the motto was also "heard" in the beginning as something similar to ancient wisdom).
The phrase "The world gives way to the one who knows where it is going" - became the slogan of the project.
And Dmitry's post had to be invented without a doubt. After all, his work - the Sphinx .. As a result, they converged on the "Chief for Passes".
May 28, 2017

Dmitry received a ready mock-up of business cards and recommendations for their printing, detailed requirements for paper and the radius of rounding corners.

To fulfill some of the requirements was not so easy. For example, I had to carry paper from Yekaterinburg.

June 16, 2017

Dmitry showed Julia ready business cards.

"I tracked the reaction to my business card: of course, many did not leave the logo unmoved. I would now like to see a reaction to couture. "
My task is to do a thing that accurately conveys the clue. It should create the same impression. Not just a desert, not just a temple. And that very image. This is what we are trying to achieve. In all the details.
Julia Degen
Creating Things in the image is a separate adventure. In our case, it took a whole month. All details and decisions must be absolute. They must fit a particular image.
These business cards are called Couture not by chance. They have to be done almost manually - each decision of the collection is unique.
For business cards about the mysterious door of the temple, one had to figure out how to depict a rotary mechanism with a picture of a palm leaf, how to reproduce an inscription embossed in a stone, how to finally convey the effect of antiquity to the maximum. There were many questions, and Julia and designer Jana found answers to each of them.
As a result, the paper of the best world producer, cotton Gmund Matt, was dyed in mass. Its surface is similar to a sandstone - a stone from which the pyramids of Egypt were created. For the impression, a powerful press with a load of two tons was used. In the center of the business cards the artists placed an easily turning circle with a palm leaf. Elegant and simple solution.
July 18, 2017

They came to Dmitry, having overcome a long way from Moscow. Now he had a brand philosophy, a logo and a personal collection of his business cards.
коллекция визиток "Сфинкс"
What are Dmitry's impressions by the end of the work?
Dmitry: When I left my last job, I realized that I would not work for hire. At least for a while. It was in February, and until April I was looking for my "niche." Cooperation with Julia took place in parallel.

And that's interesting - it was she who helped me to rethink myself as a railshutter and highlight the key problem - the customer does not want to listen to my advice until the situation is critical. That is the whole point in the psychology of the customer.

"Oh, how!" So, I need to work in tandem with a psychologist.

This is the first conclusion to which I came. The second was the understanding of the root of the problems. In most cases, it is that people often do not do their own thing. And then I thought that it would be useful to first determine the client's purpose, then connect the psychologist, and then search for a way out of the existing situation. After studying the network materials, I realized that the closest thing to this idea is the technique of Valentina Gabisheva. I contacted her and agreed on cooperation.

This is how the project "Engineering of Destiny" appeared, something I have been working on for months.
This is an amazing turn in my destiny, since I never had such an enchanting start. Do not believe it, but it was at the moment when I finally found the right path, in my life Julia again appeared with the proposal to make a business card-purpose.

How did they help? In reality, it turned out to be almost a brand-beech. Even more: Julia suggested some important things about the content of the brand.
Dmitry: Today I'm fine. I know for sure that the diagnosis of the destination is working - for three months we have accumulated enough statistics to confirm this. Those who approached it seriously, launched very powerful changes in their lives.

But I know all this now, and when Julia made the key, it was not so obvious. However, it turned out that it was she who put forward the assumptions that are beginning to come true.

It was she who showed that the technique is transformational. Now it is confirmed every day.

The idea of making people diagnose and release them also belongs to Julia. At first I wanted to sell additional services to customers, but, after listening to it, I limited myself to determining their purpose.

And now I see that this approach is 100% correct.

So far too little time has passed to assess whether the business cards are the target. But it's interesting that - much, from what Julia said six months ago, comes true now. Sometimes I think: "So that's it! That's what it meant! "

As for the business cards, until I gave none - there was such a desire. Julia said that I will understand when it will have to be done.

It seems to me that the idea with personalized business cards is very promising.
Moreover, Hirokama is not just an individual product, but also a fashion product created using working psychological techniques.
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