Луна, зеркало и экологичный мех
Как мы делаем визитки
Эта история началась в июне. Мне позвонил Эдуард, руководитель компании "Галиб", которая занимается элитной кожгалантереей.
"Good day, I need business cards again, which nobody dares to throw out, but this time a lot, and about another project! We are now working with luxury artificial fur. I want plastic business cards, can you?"
Last year for Edward we made a luxurious collection of "Galib", business cards stitched by hand. And to fulfill it flawlessly, we bought a large press with a pressure of 2 tons.

I was a little embarrassed that business cards needed a lot. Hence, it is impossible to do complicated work with them - it is expensive.

Then I decided that this time Edward's task would turn into a challenge. So, it will give us the opportunity to develop. And agreed.
Collection of the "Galib"
In our arsenal by this time already had its own development of very beautiful business cards on plastic - stained glass. But to the theme of fur and fashion, it was not very suitable.
stained glass business cards "Lollipops"
Offers on plastic for business cards in Moscow are rather modest. The most cheerful of them are empty bases for plastic cards. The choice of color and texture is quite pleasant. But we are not looking for easy ways. Yes, and there was no feeling that it would be something special on the blank for a plastic card. So, consumer goods ...
Meanwhile, Eduard specified his wishes. It turned out that the business card should resemble a piece of the moon. Everything is stranger and stranger, as Alice would say ...
In search of interesting plastic solutions, we got to the building materials. And what only there was not found. A real plastic Klondike. The most interesting was the laminated plastic, which is created by compacting with resin and is used for finishing the interior and furniture.
Plastic with an "carbon fiber" texture
Without taking it easy, we bought a whole suitcase of samples. Five or more kilograms.
Among them was what Edward wanted - a real piece of the Moon. And there was an texture similar to fur. We liked even more.

But there was also something that was very embarrassing - the sections of the samples. They were some .. sloppy. And it became clear that we have a problem. How to cut plastic on the base with good edges.

Thinking collectively, we decided to cut with a laser. And to test this theory, we found a team with the necessary equipment and persuaded them to conduct tests for us on our samples. Everything turned out perfectly.
We checked the plastic on the press, it well succumbed to embossing, and now with peace of mind it was possible to make concepts
Meanwhile, Edward changed his mind. He dismissed the idea of a piece of the moon, said that he has Chinese business cards with a mirror surface, and this is cool, and they are not thrown out either. And let's make a mirror then. And he sent the logo of the project.
The logo did not remind either the Moon or the mirror. It was embarrassing. Twisted it and so, they came up with a contour version.
And among the samples of plastic there was a mirror one.
Unsurprisingly proud of ourselves, we took Edward the best samples to finally agree. Also have received the answer - what is it at all that is necessary. You can kill such cards) Yes. Nestykovochka turned out ...
We are depressed, but Edward does not. He continued to offer ideas. He suggested making a pocket mirror. Discount coupon. Souvenir. To think on a subject - and what subject can benefit, so the client will not throw it away, but will carry it with them.

We shook ourselves and thought in the direction of souvenirs. We found a knife-business card, a business card-lamp, even a shaving machine-a business card.
Business card-flashlight on light-emitting diodes
True, all this was worth more than Edward expected, and it was easier to buy in China, and then just make contacts. Work for us here was not.

I wrote a letter to Edward about this, and he offered to come up with something else that seemed interesting to us. We sat around the logo and thought.
As always, I wanted everything at once. And it is logical. And beautiful. And to be remembered. And everything was right, everything was harmonious. And with the wishes of Edward, and with his personality, and with the identity of his project. And such an idea was finally found.
Silhouette of leaves turning into silhouette of animal skin spots
Here were the colors of the logo. There was his form - leaf and fur. And the essence is eco-friendly fur. This was beautiful. And fit the mood of the owner.
We offered to make his personal business cards embossed with foil, and corporate for employees - to print by offset on thick paper. Edward liked the idea.
accepted concept of turnover
The production took a week. We bought very dense vinyl paper, we cut down the basics. Found in Moscow, copper foil with an outflow for the front side - after all, according to the concept, business cards should change color slightly. And finally ...
it was magnificent
They remind both the mirror and the moon and the company logo
Inscriptions on the front face change color
We actually created for the company a new reading of its corporate identity. Increased it in the suite.
Quest passed, and all questions found their answers.
What became a prize for ourselves? Understanding - we can not "just". We will look for the best solution. Material. Technology. The clue. And find her sooner or later.

Come when it's difficult. When you want, but it's unclear what. This is our part, yes.
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