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Branding for an architectural bureau
Alexandra Pankova
Metaphor - the goal - the image of a successful future, in which the client realizes his desire. He underlies the development of the brand. We do not seek to tie the image to a specific product or service, we reflect in it the history within which this business will be successful.
metaphor "Purpose" of the case "Alexander".
Lines that are formed by the uniform swing of the pendulum.
in detail about finding the solution
The metaphor was a strange picture. Confused tangle of lines. We discussed it, asked questions, looked for answers, and at some point it became clear that the line is a path formed by some harmonious process.
pendulum - one of the key images of the brand "Alexander"
We were sorting out the options, what could it be - can music be? Or a trip? And at some point, it became clear that it was the swinging and swirling of the pendulum. This is something uniform, subject to the laws, but at the same time - this movement, beautiful and harmonious.

Based on the unraveled metaphor, we created a brand narrative for Alexandra. Using the image of the pendulum and the pattern that it creates, we have created a complete concept of its brand.
Part of the narrative of the brand "Alexandra"
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In order to create the desired logo design, we studied the types and ways of using pendulums, watched videos and photos that illustrate drawing with the help of a pendulum and sand.
The principle of creating a company logo
We tried to unite the spirit and philosophy of the brand, the original metaphor, its solution and at the same time create a beautiful design solution.
Detailed study of the "goal" card, the prototype of the brand logo
show brandbook
Usually work on a logo is to make many different options and refine one that the client likes. We only worked on one option, and all the time, necessary for development, was spent only on it.
Modified logo. Concept business cards Couture
We also created other elements of the corporate identity - we chose fonts and colors, drew a company pattern, gave recommendations:

- interior of the office, consonant with the image of the brand
- portrait of the target audience and its request
- communicative strategy, style of communication and customer service
In conclusion, we developed a personal collection of Couture business cards for the founder of the company, the embodiment of the spirit of the brand.

The combination of tattered edges of white paper and rigid bases remind us of the contrast of life and death, chaos and order, recalling the extreme points of a swinging pendulum.

In the collection - business cards of two color solutions, with different slogans on the back.
Collection of business cards "Alexandra"
Hirokama брендинг
Stage processing Bigdata using projective techniques, testing, coaching sessions. Getting images-metaphors.
Creation on the basis of metaphors of an integral history about a brand, a legend, DNA. The mission of the brand, its principles.
Design and guielines
Creation of a logo, elements of corporate identity, brand guidebooks, brand book. Author's supervision for copyright, web design.
Hirokama business cards
Creation of Couture collection of business cards brand for the head, top management of the company.
The result of Hirokama branding is an absolutely holistic image of the brand. It helps to concentrate resources, accelerate its development, segment customers, reduce costs and raise the cost of services.

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