Hirokama Branding
Case 176. IN
We told here the story of how the name, philosophy and logo of the fashion brand were found in a half-empty picture with an almost imperceptible pattern of grass at the edges.
Client - Inna Mehanoshina

Sharply changing her life, she decided to fulfill her dream. Establish your own, special brand of women's clothing.

She came to us for a brand, the search of which will turn into an adventure, and the result will be felt as the only true one.

Our approach is based on hearing the project, the business of our client, expressing this impression in a visual image, and then decipher it and turn it into a task. For naming. Design. Branding. Copyrights.
Stage of metaphors
At this stage, we get sketches, which we call metaphors. Each of them contains a lot of layers of meaning, which can be deciphered and used in creating a brand. Usually a metaphor is one, but in this case, there were as many as three of them, and each served a certain purpose.
Contemplation of the calm sea. Philosophy of the brand.
Grass in the sun, in which you want to fall. Identity and herm.
The street of the resort city. Showroom and shows.
Solving the metaphors, we all understood the mood better. Values were more and more clear. The client is more and more clear, and what exactly he wants to get, why he will come to us. Finally, we have created a softboard and narrative - an illustrated story that helps to feel the future brand from within.

Stage of the narrative
Our philosophy is contemplation, which sometimes comes during rest. To be alone with nature. To peer into the distance and listen to yourself. Relaxation. Let go of cares and problems and touch something eternal. There are no bright colors in the picture. The sky is hazy. The waves are calm. A moment of eternity. The sea is a millennium. Infinity of power and peace.
I want to lie down in the grass and watch the sky. Not to heaven, not to heaven, but the sky.
I want to feel bare feet with the warmth or coldness of the earth - anyway, just to feel.
I want to pass between the fingers of grass, hug the wind and iron it on the elastic back.
I want to speak with night stars, listen to water, trees and birds.
But first I want silence - a ringing silence, devoid of city noise, a roar of my own thoughts and opinions of others.
I want in this silence to hear one single voice - the voice of my soul.

(from the Reality Transurfing)
This story is about pause.
About the serenity of a summer day.
About how to feel alive.
About the power that comes to you,
When you stop and listen to silence.

Allow yourself this luxury. Do not hurry.

Stage of the Nameing
We were looking for a name that accurately expresses the mood of the brand, but at the same time, it will suit the ambitious Fashion brand. It will be brief and memorable. Looking for a name, we've come a long way. They looked for cities on the southern coast of France, translated "silence" into different languages, collected a whole herbarium of names of wild herbs.

Our name told us the emptiness. In the center of the picture-metaphor with grass was a void that we once guessed as "I want to lie down in the grass field, this is my place there." But it also became our name. What's inside.
located inside
inwardly directed
in power
for a narrow circle

And part of the name of the owner. Inna.

Stage of Identity
Before we started to work, we picked up references. Implemented by other designers projects, details, elements. Every reference carried some part of the story that we were going to create.
From the very beginning, we adhered to the metaphor. The emptiness in the center and the grass that surrounds us.
Finding a solution with a void inside
The idea of using a pattern of grass
The search for that very grass took three weeks. After that we showed the version that seemed to us the best.
As it turned out, it turned out almost, but not quite right. Either too hard. Whether it's sad. Not exactly the emotion that they tried to convey.

In the end, we went on a new round. In search of another pattern, a more dense pattern of grass, a warmer impression. And it took another three weeks and about 50 attempts.
Solve this puzzle helped by an ancient ornament in the style of "modern", which depicted dandelions.
The pattern of bluegrass, which was interwoven with fine meadow flowers, was the basis of the pattern.
Almost finished work on the logo, we showed it to check - whether people hear the mood that we tried to convey.
Harmoniously, quietly, slowly, calmly. Rather practical. As if the main thing in the company is hidden inside. Perhaps related to agriculture or books?
Olga Alikberova
Film Producer
Sufficiency, confidence, calmness, relaxation. I think, because there are not many such places. A place where you will be surrounded by warmth. But, damn it, it'll be oh, how not cheap.
Vitaly Gorokhov
The association is that internal value, that the company is small and cozy. Walls are textured, natural colors. Motifs of stone, natural wood. Etchikol in materials and refinement in furniture. This is not a classic, because there is restraint. There is no luxury, there is style and dignity.
Tatyana Morozova
Smoothness. Slowness. The smell of vanilla and cream-coffee. Beautiful sofas in the Art Deco style. Clients are middle class. Basically women from 30. Values - quality and relationships, communication. Regardless of the services that are being sold. An oasis of slowdown, where no signals from cars and the ever-hurrying crowd are heard ...
Oksana Lysenko
Coach, business coach
In the office, white walls, light wood, pots with greens, unglazed ceramics and coffee are not pressed. Long relationships, birthday customers base, a large bowl with candy on the counter. Something slow and lively, landscape design, wine, model, acting or literary agency, something about growth and development. As if it had grown itself.
Margarita Bokshtejn
Business owner
Of course it's eco, it's natural, warm and cozy of real luxury! Luxury, which is not at all conspicuous and does not try to humiliate your own worth and value! In general, the studio relax, or design
Olga Pavlova
Assistant for Business Promotion

Inna Mehanoshina
Brand owner
Hirokama - magic, fantasy, an incredible adventure from stage to stage. I'm looking forward to an amazing result, but at the same time, I want our work to continue for a long time. I do not know, I do not understand how, how does it work? How can one feel so thinly a person, his desires, feelings, emotions? How can you see what I myself could not yet formulate to the very end? To see that one, the only sure way?!

Our work isn't complete yet. Ahead of the finalization of the logo, the creation of a simpler version of it, the identity, personal business cards - it is necessary, as without them. And maybe, participation in the development of displays, the creation of packaging and signage - we imagine how to make just such a sign as we came up with. This story will continue. Come back to follow the news!
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