Wheel of Wishes
Stylish accessory and tool for moving to the goal.
Luck is a used opportunity in time.
Do you have a Big Goal?
Wife and Mom
There are, but so far I do not even want to think about achieving it, too many will have to be sacrificed ...
A lot of time will have to save money, and I do not understand this at all.
I have family. This is more important. Then I'll do it when it's time.
Did you feel that something prevents you from starting the path to the goal?
You read smart books, but did not understand why they badly help you?
You were right - you can not follow your goal by someone else's way!

For each of us there is our own, unique way to achieve what we want.
A tool that helps you find your own path to the goal. Motivator, glider, pocket accessory.
Tool for working on yourself
6 cm in diameter, comfortably lies in the hand

Working with the Wheel, you change the tuning of your attention and begin to see the opportunities you need, which used to pass by.

How to work with the Wheel of Wishes
Formulate the goal
So, to look at it, you feel "It inspires me, I want it". Record your entire goal in the center of the Wheel in a circle.
Carry with you
Carry the Wheel with you. Get it. Twist in your hands. Open and reread.
Look for clues
Your attention will snatch events, information, people who can help in the implementation of the goal. Note and use these features!
Take Steps
Any action towards your goal is considered a step towards it. Take steps regularly. On the back of the Wheel you will find clues to action.
Notice achievements
Put a mark in the circle near the date on the day you took a step.
Mark the success
Record the date you reached the target, on the wheel cover from the turn. Now it will become part of a story that you will tell your children and grandchildren.

The "Mystical" series of Wheels of Wishes
A thing that looks like an ancient artifact, on Jack Sparrow's compass, strange, attractive, and even slightly magical. This Wheel can be trusted with goals related to travel, with changes in life, money.
Your goal is worth it to go to her beautifully!

"Somnia". Mystical series. Luxury grades of designer paper. Gold embossing, metal accessories, swivel mechanism. Immerses you on the way to your goal in an atmosphere of adventure, treasure hunt.
More about SOMNIA
On the back of the Wheel you will find tasks. Do them and turn the path to your dream into a personal adventure. In a journey that will allow you not only to fulfill the desire, but also to understand many things about yourself, to find the only true way that will lead to the realization of the goal of you!
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With the "wheel" my desire seemed to have taken shape - here is the wheel - this is my desire, it is not ephemeral, here are the days when I did something for him. That is, his material, visual, tactile components appeared. And also there was a special attitude to the wheel itself - gentle, gentle, caring. Sometimes I just pick it up and twist it, sort it out like a rosary. An analogy with architects comes to mind: before building a house, it is necessary to create its future model. So I am now. Changing feelings - interest, curiosity, excitement.

Evgeniya Krylova
Project manager; on the Wheel - a personal desire.
This method is based on the method of small steps and projective methods. There are many simple and accessible actions, the performance of which brings you closer to the desired. And the use of projections includes your imagination, and you find your own path to the goal.

The method of small steps is part of the Japanese Kaizen system.

Your goal is worth it to go to her beautifully!
The Wheel of Desire. For the order of 3 or more pieces - free shipping!
Wheel of Wishes "Somnia"
Accessory for managing attention.

Helps to find your own, unique way to your goal.

Mystical series. Vintage style. Designer paper and cardboard, gold embossing, metal accessories, swivel mechanism, magnetic clasp. 6 cm in diameter. Comfortably lies in the hand. You can wear it on a chain around your neck.

As a gift, a pencil for writing on the Wheel.

The whole path of your life ultimately consists of the step that you are doing right now.
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