Projective analysis
What does your brand really say?
Our choice in favor of a particular brand in most cases occurs at the level of emotions, even when we weigh the pros and cons logically.
Logos of the world's leading brands
Compare the logos of the leading brands, and you will see that some seem more traditional, others are progressive. Mysterious, simple, strange ..

Each of them will cause you a certain emotion, however, it will be difficult to accurately describe it.
In the Hirokama project, we developed a method for determining the subtext of images - logos, business cards, advertising photos...
Audit of the logo
Stability of the company's course
The company has structural problems that make it difficult to focus on moving forward.
Speed of development of the company
The company is based on the dream of the future, but at present it is rather a bureaucratic organization.
Potential for investments
Weak. The company has high internal costs.

To obtain such information in marketing, focus groups are usually used, or reviews of large groups of randomly typed people. It is believed that the statistics compensates for the insufficient depth of perception of each member of the group.

Our method allows you to get the same information faster, more accurately and cheaper.
Audit of the Promotional photo
Value for the buyer is a mystery
The product looks special, not easy. Its value is incomprehensible, hidden. There is a desire to learn about it.
Hidden history - challenge
Rising higher, you are able to gain freedom and increase your opportunities. We provoke, challenge.
Obstruction to purchase - fear
I feel too insignificant for a brand that exceeds me. I'm not free enough, I'm not high enough.

The method of projective analysis that we use is the knowhow of the Hirokama.
Audit of the Promotional photo
Promise of the brand
It's nice to deal with me. Although in fact I'm not available. Look, but do not touch.
The target audience
Young men, teenagers, a positive outlook on life, energetic, dreamers. Average level of income.
Anticipation, pleasure from contemplation.

Realizing the hidden content of your logo, business card, advertising photo, you get a new level of control over the situation.

Audit of the logo
Stability of the company's course
Lack of information about the real state of affairs. Anxious situation. Development at the limit of speed without sufficient background.
Speed of development of the company
The speed is very high, in many respects there is a race for indicators.
Potential for investments
A high risk, rapid growth of capital, will be won by someone who has time to go in and out on time.

Additional Possibilities
for decision-making
Select Options
Get more information about the options for logos or advertising layouts, choose the face of the advertising company, a good photo for the site.
Course correction
Learn how to perceive your logo, business cards, signage, advertising, your customers. Improve sales and return on advertising campaigns.
Intelligence service
Make speak the business card of the counterparty or potential partner.

Audit of the business card
Stability of the company's course
Behind external confidence there are shortcomings of the back-end. It will be changed more than once. Outwardly, the development is holistic and stable.
Speed of development of the company
Strong pressure, development goes front, not in one direction, but in several parallel ones.
Potential for investments
High motivation for development. The company has hidden problems associated with the organization of secondary processes. But in general, the potential is good.

Cost of services
Audit of identity, design, promo-images. For legal entities - payment upon the execution of work.
For the Creator
Audit of three variants of the image, logo, photos

For each option -

Hidden image message
Objections to purchase
36 000 руб
For the Investor
  • Stability of the company's course
  • Speed of development
  • Possible problems
  • Potential for investments
46 000 руб
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